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I am Carley Thompson Baker. The artist behind Wailana Art Collective.I love to draw inspiration from events and moments throughout my life that have left a lasting impression. I enjoy using bright colors and rough strokes to give my paintings their own personality. My favorite subject matter are people and animals. Especially their faces. 


I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Started this journey in Hawaii,then lived in Colorado for a while and currently live in South Carolina. Life gave us a little detour but we hope to be back in the Rockies soon. I am a mama to a beautiful baby girl and am married to my soul mate. I graduated from Oklahoma State. Go Pokes! When I'm not painting I am probably working on some kind of DIY project around my home or camping with my fam in our Vanagon (Eugene). I am a lover of all things outdoor related and a big advocate for sustainable living and doing our part to keep the earth beautiful. 



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